[ardour-users] Help - planning

Jesse Chappell jesse at essej.net
Mon Mar 21 14:04:15 PST 2005

Josh Karnes wrote on Mon, 21-Mar-2005:

 > OK, I've been using Ardour semi-regularly now for about a year.  Most of the 
 > time has been since 0.9beta23 which is what is currently on the system.
You should strongly consider upgrading to beta28 even before you
do the big move, if possible.  Many nasty crashing bugs
have been squashed.  But anyway....

 > Idea is to use the converters in the Delta 1010 to track most of the time 
 > from my vintage console pres (16x PM1000 channels) and through a Drawmer, 
 > other outboard nice pres & etc., and use the additional channels in the DA7 
 > if I need more than 8 simultaneous inputs.  So I need to be able to track 
 > from either sound card.  Likely monitor through the DA7.  I'm assuming Jack 
 > & Ardour will handle this with ease.  I want to be able to record a track 
 > through my vintage/nice stuff, and then mix/monitor through the DA7 and also 
 > use the DA7 as a DAW controller.

The key word here is *or*.  You will realistically only be able to run ardour
with one of those audio interfaces at any given time.  So if you
want to track with the delta 1010, then mix with the DA7 (thru
the RME HDSP)  you will need to disconnect from JACK, and start it up again with
the HDSP as the audio interface.  There are ALSA hacks to attempt
to make 2 audio interfaces show up as one, but i suspect it could
be a nightmare with two different cards such as these, if not
impossible.  Word clock sync would be involved too, if you were
actually able to do it.

 > So my questions:
 > 1. can anyone recommend an affordable, usable, well-supported card with 24 
 > channels of ADAT I/O?  I'll take 32 channels.  Doesn't need any analog at 
 > all or likely any MIDI.  Needs to interoperate with Ardour/Jack & my Delta 1010.

The only real contenders are the RME cards:  the HDSP9652, or
the Hammerfall Digi9652 (used, no longer in production).

 > 2. does this sound like a good plan?  Will FC3 be too much of a resource hog 
 > (if running FluxBox)?  Is there a better distro to go with (not talking 
 > about the u-build-it thing like gentoo...  too much work to install & 
 > maintain).
Should be fine.

 > 3. is my whole DAW-control/automation/monitoring idea with the DA7 going to 
 > work?  What do I need to do special?
Not sure, I need to check the specs on the DA7 with regard to
MIDI implementation.


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