[ardour-users] Loops

Brett McCoy idragosani at chapelperilous.net
Mon Mar 21 08:11:10 PST 2005

derek holzer wrote:

> have a look at Hydrogen. It uses the JACK system, so it will interface 
> with Ardour. I'm curious to hear from the list which other apps can use 
> the JACK transport system to start/stop MIDI or sampling apps in sych 
> with Ardour.

Hydrogen is a drum machine... although I guess in place of drum samples 
you could put other kinds of samples.  I like Hydrogen because I can 
take each of 32 tracks and record them separately in Ardour, more like 
real drums.

Rosegarden works well (in my experience) for MIDI playback with Ardour.

-- Brett

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