[ardour-users] importing & automation, digital mixer

Jesse Chappell jesse at essej.net
Mon Mar 21 07:51:18 PST 2005

Josh Karnes wrote on Mon, 21-Mar-2005:

 > Jesse Chappell wrote:
 > > Your best bet is to start using ardour for start-to-finish projects.
 > > Mixdown-only is going to be a difficult fit until these session interchange
 > > formats are more widespread and supported by everyone (and ardour).
 > Well obviously we are doing that.  However, we'd like to use one computer 
 > basically for everything.  The problem is that even the Windows software has 
 > the same limitation.  We have Nuendo but it's no better, except of course it 
 > will import Cubase & Nuendo files and at least give us a cue-sheet we can 
 > use to manually reassemble sessions in Ardour (and presumably, using a cue 
 > sheet, I could write a script to convert a text cue sheet into an Ardour 
 > session file).

If other apps were able to generate a cue sheet, you could request
customers to provide it with their session, and you might have
a chance to script-convert it into an ardour session.

 > I guess part of my question is, is there ANY format Ardour will eventually 
 > or potentially import?
Like I said, either AES31 or AAF are the most likely.  ProTools
supports AAF now, i think... not sure about the other DAWs.


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