[ardour-users] corrupted session file?

Them idragosani at chapelperilous.net
Thu Mar 17 15:53:01 PST 2005

Jenny Bernard wrote:

> Thanks to all who offered suggestions.  I actually got ahold
> of my teacher, who told me to poke around the ardour session
> file in a text editor.  There were a few missing XML tags at
> the end of the file.  (Actually, it looked like ardour just
> stopped writing the file before it was done.) We put them in,
> and although a couple playlists and the tempo map were
> missing, the rest of it would open in ardour...took me about
> an hour to get back to the point where I was instead of days.
> Phew!  Thanks again...

One thing I recommend using is the snapshot feature, so if your primary 
session gets messed up, you can backtrack to whatever latest snapshot 
you made.  You'll lose everything that happened after the last snapshot 
but it's better than losing *everything*.

What class is this for, if I may ask?

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