[ardour-users] MMC commands and remote control

Gerhard Zintel Gerhard.Zintel at web.de
Thu Mar 17 15:44:09 PST 2005

On Thursday 10 March 2005 21:34, Rob Fell wrote:
> I don't think anyone has done it before - so the idea is either (a)
> innovative, or (b) a very bad idea :)

Do you think to use the pressure sensor of the ribbon controller for anything
or only the position sensor?

> > With my touch screen I have a printed meter below the screen and when I
> > move my finger along this line, a fader could follow my finger or
> > anything else.
> Did you make your own ribbon controller, or did you buy one an interface
> it to MIDI?

I bought a touch panel and wrote the software to do that. But it's only the
position, not a pressure value I can use. The disadvantage is - you can only
move one meter at a time. Only one X/Y coordinate could be detected on the
touch panel at the same time.

So. how to go on. My proposal - I would look over my already existing
 material and put it somewhere to the net for others to use. This would
 include all the source files, a compiled version ready for flashing the
 device, a layout of the electronics and further links for others to be able
 to start. The device is not a big thing, it can start and stop Ardour,
 switch the record mode on and off and can send fast forward/rewind/home
 commands by now. My problem: I have a very limited web-space where I can put
 it. Furthermore I'd like others to be able to contribute too. Have you got
 any idea how (or where) to share those things. I had a short look at
 sourceforge but haven't got a rough idea how to start.


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