[ardour-users] best way to build up a song

anders linuxrockar at yahoo.se
Wed Mar 16 19:21:16 PST 2005

hi i'm pretty new at working with ardour/daw's so
excuse me if these questions sound stupid/noobish.

i'm working on a song and i'd like to insert space (ie
move all regions, markers etc), a specific number of
bars forward (or backward).. how can i do this?
are any information when inserting space (if it's
possible at all) sent to the jack server? i also use
(a homebrewed version of) hydrogen (synced via jack)
and it would be nice if whenever i insert/delete X
bars at some pos in ardour also hydrogen would be
updated properly, making sure they are still synced.

i also wonder if it's possible to connect a specific
tempo to a region. in that way i'd be able to move
regions freely without thinking about changing the
tempo. would be troublesome when two regions with
different tempos interact though

are there other ways to build up a song other than
just simply copy/move regions until you are done? i've
recorded each part of my song once and then just reuse
those regions when they're needed.
perhaps it's possible to do something with the range
markers...? :)

any suggestions, tips? i find it pretty cumbersome to
use muse, hydro and ardour together, because as soon
as i wanna insert something somewhere in a song i need
to do it in all three applications to keep them in
sync.. how do you guys solve that?


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