[ardour-users] Alternate window managers with Mac beta

Ben Powers bennyp at rogers.com
Sat Mar 12 14:11:07 PST 2005

Hey there all you in Ardour-land
I know that Mac-stuff isn't at top priority, so I don't expect anyone to
jump on this question, although if anyone has answers I'd appreciate it.

I'm experimenting with using Apple's X11 in full-screen (root window)
mode. It's quite satisfying to have some far out fvwm interface instead
of Aqua. Anyways: the problem I have is that Ardour's windows only
launch if quartz-wm is running. I cannot use ardour if I have an
X-session running with fvwm.

I am slowly but surely moving towards compiling from source using
gentoo-osx to resolve dependancies, but that is taking time. good thing
I'm patient (yeahh...right)

anyways hope you're all making some good music with ardour....

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