[ardour-users] playback1-26 - where'd they go?

Jesse Chappell jesse at essej.net
Fri Mar 11 11:45:45 PST 2005

Mark Knecht wrote on Thu, 10-Mar-2005:

 > Hi,
 >    I'm using the newest Ardour beta from the Planet. I want to record
 > the audio generated by LinuxSampler and routed onto
 > alsa_pcm:playback_1-8. The track connections dialog is only showing me
 > capture_1-26, not playback_1-26.
 >    Am I not supposed to be able record the contents of my playback
 > bus? Couldn't I do this before? Maybe I'm just tired.

You want to route the pcm playback into an input in ardour, right?
To do this, you need to enable the Monitor option in jackd, and
then a bunch more ports will show up. 

 >    With LinuxSampler it would be great to be able to record the
 > playback bus as it's where we sum a lot of stuff together. If I cannot
 > do this then (in this case) I need to create 20 stereo buses, hook up
 > each output of LS individually into Ardour and then group them again
 > to get down to a reasonable number of audio tracks. A lot of work...
The other alternative (other than the monitor trick i mentioned
above (be careful about feedback)) is to get the LS guys to implement
a master bus internally and expose it as another pair of jack ports. 


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