[ardour-users] plugin only with software monitoring

Luc Tanguay lucus at sympatico.ca
Mon Mar 7 22:00:36 PST 2005


I've upgraded ardour to 0.9beta27 from Planet CCRMA on a RedHat9 
system.  My problem is that I cannot hear the plugins when recording or 
monitoring input unless I set "software monitoring" to ON in the options 
editor.  If I record, the fx is recorded but I don't hear it while I'm 
recording.  I know it worked with previous version of ardour. 

The "software monitoring" trick is not satisfactory since there is a 
little delay between the dry and wet sounds...

I've tried other options (hardware monitoring, run plugins while 
recording) and it does not help.

My system has 2 sound cards, one M-audio Delta 66 and and Audigy (for 


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