[ardour-users] Delta 1010 .asoundrc

Aaron Trumm thirdoption at hotmail.com
Sun Mar 6 19:59:18 PST 2005

I need the same kind of info, except not for ardour - I have to get the 1010
(not LT) access all the outputs, but I'm trying to avoid using jack (it's
for using multiple instances of mplayer on a media server)

> Hi,
> Does anyone have a pointer to an .asoundrc file which enables a
> Delta 1010 to work optimally with ardour?  I've had a look here
> on the ALSA website.  The non-trivial examples there are for
> the same chip (?) as is used in the 1010, but not for the same
> "card".  Only the trivial example is claimed to apply to the same
> "card".  I've also googled for this, and found a dead link to the
> ardour-dev mailing list archive (via geocrawler.com) in December
> 2000.  I also crawled through the mailing list archives for ALSA,
> ardour-dev and ardour-user.  I haven't found what I'm looking for
> yet.  From the number of requests I've seen in archives, and the
> absence of actual working .asoundrc suggestions in the archives,
> it would seem appropriate to post a working file here, IMHO.
> Thanks....
> --
> Kevin
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