[ardour-users] seq24(0.6.1) & ardour (beta27) cause crash?

Johannes M Ringheim jri at broadpark.no
Sun Mar 6 04:57:27 PST 2005

Lukas Erni wrote:

>Sice Carl Seleborg is on gentoo (are you?) and I'm too, it would be nice if 
>someone could pleas try that on a ccrama or whatelse box; just to be shure if 
>it is not a gentoo specific problem.
Nothing here. Open ardour, open session, start seq24 with 
--jack_transport, run, play, everything fine. Also fine when opening 
session in ardour while seq24 is rolling.

Ardour - 0.9beta27 (Jack time master)
Seq 24  - 0.6.0
Jack -  0.99.50

Mandrake 10.1/kernel2.6.7mm


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