[ardour-users] Delta 1010 .asoundrc

Jack O'Quin joq at io.com
Fri Mar 4 10:28:33 PST 2005

<hanaghan at starband.net> writes:

> U are correct in that things will work without the .asoundrc  but it's my
> understanding that if you just use the "default" for alsa, you lose some
> performance.(?) I don't recall exactly, but in using the GUI's (Qjackctl
> and jackconnect or whatever it was) that I could not get the ports to show
> untill I utilized the ICE1712 .asoundrc for a "hoontech" card that is
> posted in the Alsa site, and set the port numbers to "0" in Qjackctl. Then
> I got the 10/12 I/O's. Jan Depner pointed me there when I asked all the
> same questions after buying my Delta 1010LT.

It's true that the ALSA "default" device is a poor choice for JACK.
Long ago, the JACK ALSA backend used that as its default.  Because
that doesn't work very well, that backend was changed to use `-dhw:0'
as its default, instead.

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