[ardour-users] Importing 4-channel .wav files

Scott Helmke scott at scotthelmke.com
Thu Mar 3 07:17:19 PST 2005

On Thursday 03 March 2005 09:29, Scott Helmke wrote:
> The .wav files I'm trying to import were recorded with "arecord" with the
> following options:
> arecord -f S24_LE -c 4 -r 44100 foo.wav
> I'm trying to match what I was doing with Jackd:
> jackd -R -d alsa -r 44100
> (should be 24 bits from the Delta-44, right?)
> Hmmm... is there some issue with 24 vs 32 bits in the .wav file?  I think
> I've been able to import 16-bit .wav files without having to do anything
> special in Ardour.

Further testing reveals that there *is* a problem with importing 24 bit .wav 
files.  I used arecord and a tone generator to create short test files with 
16, 24, and 32 bit resolutions.  I was able to import the 16 and 32 bit 
files, but the 24 bit file became silent when imported.  

I'll report the 24 bit thing as a bug, unless somebody has some insight into 
the matter.

I'm also going to need some kind of utility to convert my 24-bit files to 32.  

Oddly, I also somehow got two sets of clips from the 32 bit files.  Possibly 
I double-clicked the Import button, or???  


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