[ardour-users] Which linux sequencers can drive Ardour via MTC?

Geoff Beasley songshop at bizmedia.com.au
Sun Jun 26 02:33:44 PDT 2005

Hi Devin;

There are no Midi apps on Linux that can reliably produce MTC...try
Ardour to Ardour if you want to see it working. I use Muse myself, and
all I do is set my DAW to slave, run Ardour on my Midi machine synced to
jack transport and with "send MTC" enabled. That way Muse will control
the local Ardour, which in turn sends MTC to the DAW. Simple and
effective. One really nice thing about this setup is that as you move
the playhead in Muse, so too does the playhead respond on the DAW...
very handy !  

BTW: the timing is extraordinarily tight as well.



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