[ardour-users] Ardour Album asleep, but not dead!

Ben Powers bennyp at rogers.com
Mon Jun 20 10:47:00 PDT 2005

Submitting them would involve putting them on line and posting to the  
message board, at least for now.

We could very well set up a new website with an signup/upload script  
etc etc, that would be pretty nifty.

As far as mastering goes, I've never done it and don't personally  
know anyone who has, so we'll need to find someone in the community

On 20-Jun-05, at 1:38 PM, Matthew Sewell wrote:

> How would one go about submitting a song?
> I'm working on an entire concept album right now using nothing but  
> free
> software (including the soundfonts for qsynth).  I'm releasing it  
> under
> the creative commons license and will make it freely available as a
> bittorrent.  I can have 3 or 4 songs ready for release in a few weeks.
> I'm assuming you want them unmastered so that they can all be mastered
> together.  Please let me know.
> --matthew

Ben Powers
OutofOrder Productions

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