[ardour-users] Ardour Album asleep, but not dead!

Ben Powers bennyp at rogers.com
Wed Jun 15 07:16:54 PDT 2005

The Ardour Album project (http://bennyp.no-ip.org/ardour) has been  
dormant for the past few months, but it has not died!

This project aims to create a full album of great music made  
exclusively with Free Software. Several submissions have been made  
already and more are on the way!!

What can you do?
-Submit your work!! pieces must be created using exclusively free  
software. Use of a creative commons license is encouraged!

-Set up a server! I'm hosting the project from home, which gives the  
disadvantage of being served on port 8080. If you have some space and  
bandwidth, you could take the project on!

-Spread the word! Tell your friends and penpals, get some hype  
running, let's do this together!!

Hope to hear from you all soon, take care!

Coordinator - Ardour Album - http://bennyp.no-ip.org/ardour/
OutofOrder Productions - http://out-of-order.ca

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