[ardour-users] GUI request error

Peter Lutek plutek at infinity.net
Sat Jun 18 04:54:15 PDT 2005

Geoff Beasley wrote:

>Hey Peter,
>are you using VST's in Ardour ? I have had exactly this crap from a VST
>installed in my vst folder... not running you understand, just sitting
>in there ! Voxengno (?) plugs gave me all kinds of unexpected Ardour
>deaths (like seg faults when just marking a punchin range !) and so did
>some PSP ones as well. First thing to try if you have VST enabled,
>remove the VST folder from the existing path and then run ardour ... see
>if you get the same error without them there. If not, replace the empty
>folder to your path & start by alphabetically replacing your plugs in
>groups until the error is re-generated. Then interrogate the suspects
>one by one until you find him (maybe them !)
>If no to VST's  then I can't help you....i reckon you are tho !
nope......no vst's.


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