[ardour-users] Spdiff stereo confusion

Frank smith fsmith at walescomputers.co.uk
Fri Jun 17 11:03:42 PDT 2005

I have about 16 tracks in Ardour and am sending them from ardour to 2 
tracks to my RME
spdiff inputs Capture 17 and 18

I can then mix on my DDX as I dump the two master tracks to ardour as 
masters to
Tracks 18 to 19.

When I play back the two tracks back into the desk (on spdiff) I seem to 
get phasing between the channels.

Am I sending two lots of left and right here?  spdiff confuses me in 
relation to L+R.

Ardour just sees the spdiff as another two inputs from my Hammerfall ( 
there is no actual controller within Linux for the card)

Also I don't know if this is known but as I select the track outputs ( 1 
to 16 back to the desk the channel lights show noise on the first two 
of the channel strips,  although I can't actually hear anything on the 
individual channels)
Is this a known problem with the Hammerfall in Linux?
( it seems the inputs are at full output all the time)


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