[ardour-users] Debian linux install

Chris Bozic cbozic at gmail.com
Mon Jun 13 18:57:47 PDT 2005

I also recommend Agnula Demudi.  It has been a lifesaver!.  It doesn't
come with the latest version of Ardour but you can add any regular
Debian repository to /etc/apt/sources.list and get the latest and
greatest Ardour.

If Demudi isn't for you and you end up choosing official Debian for
your install, do yourself a favor and at least run the Agnula Demudi
multimedia kernel.  Get it by adding the Demudi apt repository to your
sources.list file.  You'll still have to tweak some OS things to get
it running properly but it is a great way to take advantage of partial
Demudi performance without actually using Demudi.  I tried this
originally because I was uncomfortable installing a distro that didn't
have such a large user base.  It did work and gave me some improved
performance but I always had a few sound glitches with my Delta 66
during playback.  This encouraged me to install Demudi and it works
flawlessly and with excellent performance.  In the end, Demudi is
still just plain old Debian with all of the bells and whistles that
you would have to configure yourself anyway.  It's a great time saver
and it still has all of the flexibility that's built in to Debian.

Chris Bozic

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