[ardour-users] Trying to get apt to recognise CCRMA discs

Wolfgang Woehl tito at rumford.de
Thu Jun 9 02:01:02 PDT 2005

Joel Laviolette <mbirame at yahoo.com>:

> other.  I think it'd be pretty hard for anyone to get
> into the other computer via my keyboard output

From what I've heard that's among the easiest of exercises: You just 
tell the person that sits at the keyboard to type something in. Not 
that anyone cared for your box or my box really. But to get rid of 
naive assumptions has become a treasured habit here.

> cable;).  That said-it isn't security that I do that
> for.  I have no desire to make my audio computer
> anything other than that (and the ocasional movie). I
> do see your point that I am "connected" by using ISO's
> from the net.  That's true.  I'm just trying to say
> that it's not easy for me to get on the net for quick
> updates, etc.

It's not the worst choice to focus on direction and application for a 
box. But in the end it gets so arduous. I'd miss the net definitely on 
my audio machine.

> Anyway, I have learned that changing to "root" in the
> terminal is not the same thing as "logging in as
> root".  So now I have found that I can view DVD's and

Oh, you shouldn't. Basically you never want to be root. On a CCRMA box 
you don't need to be anyway. Access to devices (like dvd) is permitted 
by various kernel-space mechanisms that let you work as user. Oh, and I 
claim the prize for most-general-non-helpful-line-of-the-day, ha.

> play back CD's.  I still havn't gotten the audio to
> work, but I'm waiting till I get the Delta 1010
> tomorrow to worry about that.
> There seems to be one big problem.  I can not get the
> apt to see my CD's.  Also i get a "bash- media/cdrom
> no such file or directory".  My DVD drive seems to be
> in a strange-unknown place...The discs mount nicely

Now this is where you need help and I don't have any, sorry. The path to 
cdrom should read "/media/cdrom" though, not "media/cdrom".


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