[ardour-users] Trying to get apt to recognise CCRMA discs

James Craft Jr. jhcjr at direcway.com
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Another thing, having your Linux machine connected to the net is a good
thing as a lot of the upgrades for my RedHat 9 distribution where not on the
CD's I downloaded, but on Planet's servers, 300+ mb to be exact. Linux is
pretty bullet-proof as far as the net goes.

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My audio computer is not connected to the internet.
There is NO ethernet connection to my audio computer
or any other cable for that mater.)  I have a keyboard
with two outputs-one to one computer and one to the
other.  I think it'd be pretty hard for anyone to get
into the other computer via my keyboard output
cable;).  That said-it isn't security that I do that
for.  I have no desire to make my audio computer
anything other than that (and the ocasional movie). I
do see your point that I am "connected" by using ISO's
from the net.  That's true.  I'm just trying to say
that it's not easy for me to get on the net for quick
updates, etc.

Anyway, I have learned that changing to "root" in the
terminal is not the same thing as "logging in as
root".  So now I have found that I can view DVD's and
play back CD's.  I still havn't gotten the audio to
work, but I'm waiting till I get the Delta 1010
tomorrow to worry about that.

There seems to be one big problem.  I can not get the
apt to see my CD's.  Also i get a "bash- media/cdrom
no such file or directory".  My DVD drive seems to be
in a strange-unknown place...The discs mount nicely
the the desktop and when I open vlc to play the DVD,
the path it is looking at is dvd:///dev/hdc
Does this info help?

Specifically, I am trying to get apt to work so I can
load CCRMA.


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