[ardour-users] shall we wait for VST or go with libfst?

Hector Centeno h.centeno at sympatico.ca
Mon Jun 6 07:42:40 PDT 2005

Geoff Beasley wrote:

>VST; this works on FC3 reliably. Read ALL of this :-
>Get wine build 20040505...
>Uncompress, then from a console ( you must be a non-root user) cd into the
>wine dir, then issue ./tools/wineinstall. Follow the on screen commands and
>basically say yes to everything.
>This will install wine. Get the fst and jack_fst packages and the vst SDK
>files as mentioned in Dave and Marks fantastic toot and decompress them.
>Copy the mkinstalldirs file from jack_fst into the fst folder.  Run the fix
>headers process as described. Then autogen.sh. You will see many
>warnings..ignore these. Then, ./configure --prefix=/usr, followed by make,
>then ( as root) make install. 
>Cd into jack_fst and do the ./configure --prefix=/usr, make and (su) make
>install. Install your vst folder wherever you want, then export= (vst path).
>Put this in your .bashrc file to make it permanent. Important note for
>duffers like me in the early days was to make sure that you have "show
>hidden" enabled in your file manager to "see" these files/directories with a
>leading period (.)... but you'all knew that of course !
>That's pretty much it. You should now be able to run your vst's by invoking
>jack_fst VSTNAME.dll. If not then your path is probably not set.try cd into
>your vst folder then run jack_fst and see if that at leats get's it going.
>One more thing, in your wine config file there is an entry that will make a
>big difference to you... Gerard pointed me to this; when you open a vst/vsti
>wine will give you 2 windows.. to change this behaviour you must set the
>option  ";Allow the window manager to manage created windows " under
>[x11drv] to =N. Problem solved.
>Of course to get ardour to use vst's it has to be compiled with vst support
>enabled. The easiest way to do this is to use the CVS tarball provided on
>the ardour web site. You can get ardour in so easilt now with scons there is
>no reason not to.
>I don't think I've missed anything out, but there will be amendments from
>other, wiser folk than I if there is. But the above works for me EVERY time.
>Good luck,
>Tim Orford's great reference of working/not working plugs and instruments.
Thank you a lot for your guide. I was following it and everything seems 
to be going well except to the point where I try to build Jack_fst. I 
get this error message:
In file included from jfst.c:25:
/usr/local/include/vst/aeffectx.h:918: error: syntax error before 
/usr/local/include/vst/aeffectx.h:939: error: syntax error before '}' token

It looks like it is related to the fixheaders script. For some reason it 
seems to be not fixing the file aeffectx.h in the proper way (someone 
mentioned this problem in the Dave Phillips Toot but didn't mention a 
solution). Comparing both the original and the "fixed" I found at least 
one difference so the script is actually doing something but it seems to 
be missing something else. I don't understand sed commands (I'm trying 
to figure it out) so I'm not sure what the fixheaders script is trying 
to change. Any one had this kind of problem?

thank you


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