[ardour-users] Re: To and from Ardour

jazzridenews jazzride at laposte.net
Sat Jun 4 10:43:48 PDT 2005

Josh Karnes a écrit :
> OK all seriousness now...
> I really wanted to use Linux
> I really wanted to use Ardour
> I really wanted to run open-source software
> I really wanted to explore the virtues of LADSPA
> I really wanted to experience the system stability and efficiency of 
> Linux in Audio
> I really wanted to be able to abandon Windows forever
  You know Ardour has great potential but is impeded by some things that
> can be overcome (1.0 stability) and some that may not be overcome 
> (reputation, hardware lack-of-support, easy and functional VST).  I hope 
> to be back in the Ardour camp but for a while at least, I'm going back 
> to familiar Nuendo.

Great potential = that's the most important in your message
I tried Samplitude, Sonar, Cakewalk Pro audio, Tracktion, PT, Cubase... 
  (never tried Sequoia or Nuendo or Pyramix): logic i cant bear (L5 on 

my favorites:

- Pro Tools
- Ardour and probably Ardour in 1st position in few months...
Jack is the best system for audio pro: low latency (very low) , patch 
all to all (incredible) ...
I actually own a Sonar 3 and i wait for Ardour 1 and some time to learn 
how i could use "my" Vsti on linux. Gonna buy ardour's manual when 
Ardour'll be 100% ready for audio production.

Linux is the future of computer (1/2/3 years)
Ardour represents the future of audio professional. (2 years) I'm sure.

wanted to buy Sonar 4
but now, i prefer waiting for Ardour 1.00, actually: 0.9beta29 on Agnula 

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