[ardour-users] building ardour

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Fri Jun 3 08:48:16 PDT 2005

>ok, now is working but I had to build it without VST support. Did you 
>build ardour using the VST=1 flag?
>I struggled a little building the libfst (needed for VST support) but 
>finally I got it thanks to the help of someone at the wine IRC channel. 
>Now I wonder if the fix was that successful. We found that there is a -F 
>flag needed after --exe in the winebuild call. Someone at the wine IRC 
>helped me to find it. After that it built with no problems. The Makefile 
>inside the fst folder should read like this:
>$(LDPATH) $(WINEBUILD) -fPIC -o $@ --exe -F $(fst_exe_MODULE) 
>-m$(fst_exe_APPMODE) $(fst_exe_SPEC_SRCS:%=--spec %) 
>$(fst_exe_RC_SRCS:%.rc=%.res) $(fst_exe_OBJS) $(fst_exe_DLL_PATH) 
>$(WINE_DLL_PATH) $(GLOBAL_DLL_PATH) $(fst_exe_DLLS:%=-l%) 
>If you don't change it you get an error message from winebuild while 
>building libfst asking for naming the files using -F.

you cannot use libfst with any current version of wine. please abandon
attempts at using VST until i manage to get the new design for how to
do this integrated into ardour. please.


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