[ardour-users] Total newbie switching from XP to Linux and Ardour

Mark Knecht markknecht at gmail.com
Thu Jun 2 17:00:23 PDT 2005

   Welcome. There are many of us, probably a majority, that have done
the same thing. Be ready for a little bit of grief for the next couple
of weeks while you get used to doing things totally differently. After
the light bulb turns on you'll probably find you like it quite a lot.

   Picking a distro is probably the most religious of all Linux tasks
you'll undertake. for a newbie I can suggest an FC3/PlanetCCRMA setup
as being one of the easiest to get working. The online instructions
are great. The library of prebuilt, ready to run, audio apps is second
to none AFAIK. My main Ardour box is (still) a Planet box even though
I prefer to run Gentoo. I've gone back and forth and just cannot beat
how easy it is to keep up what I want to have running for recording
under the Planet flow.

   Day to day I prefer Gentoo as access to non-audio apps is terrific
and it's a very solid distro. It's what I'm writing this email from.

   You'll certainly get other knowledgeable and fun answers. I don't
think you can really go wrong.

Wishing you lots of good luck,

On 6/2/05, Joel Laviolette <mbirame at yahoo.com> wrote:
> As the subject says, I am completely new to Linux even
> though I've been contemplating the move for a long
> time.  If I have missed the info I'm needing, please
> feel free to provide me with a link.  I'm not really
> sure where to find the info I need, and I apologise in
> advance for the redundancy if this question has been
> asked before.  My system is:
> Athlon 3300+ (2.2Ghz)
> 250 Meg RAM
> 40 Gig primary hard drive
> 120 Gig audio hard drive
> Terratec EWS88D sound card
> I'm not even sure which version of Linux I should be
> putting onto my computer to start with.  This computer
> will be used strictly for audio tracking and editing.
> My plan is to be doing most of my work out of the box
> and then dumping from reel-to-reel via AD/DA into
> ardour.  Then basic editing will be done.  I also have
> most of my equipment as hardware, so plug-in's aren't
> essential to me.  I plan on doing only editing and
> mastering in the box (minus compression, etc) and then
> dumping to two-track.   I can and probably will also
> be wanting to upgrade my converters in the future.
> Any tips or places I should start?
> Thanks.
> Joel
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