[ardour-users] Several troubles...

Wolfgang Woehl tito at rumford.de
Thu Jul 28 07:19:48 PDT 2005

Arnold Krille <arnold.krille at gmail.com>:

> Gain automation tied to the region is already there: its the gain
> envelopes... The other automation you are currently talking is
> automation for the mixer and its parameters. And this can also be
> applied while the regions where moved away, for example while
> recording or mixing live through pre-recording-rehearsel...

Right. But Gain automation is one of many, panning being next and then 
an arbitrary amount of plugin parameter automation.

And really: You need those alongside your audio. With automation data 
being contained in its own regions you could have both: The real world 
case and the academic case for the sake of it.


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