[ardour-users] Mastered in Ardour and JAMin

Fsmith fsmith at walescomputers.co.uk
Wed Jul 27 01:21:21 PDT 2005

HI Nathan
Now that makes sence
A bit of dry Humour ( no sound with a 404!)

I thought I'd ripped of some old blues player!!
Thanks for the mail I looked him up on the net, his first piece was in 1932!


Nathan Long wrote:

>On Wed, 27 Jul 2005 09:03:45 +0100
>Fsmith <fsmith at walescomputers.co.uk> wrote:
>>Who's John Cage?
>John Cage is a minimalist composer.  One of his most bizarre ideas was
>to record 4min 33 seconds of "nothing".  The pianist sat down at the
>piano, sheet music was turned at the appropriate times, and the whole
>thing was recorded including audience noise.
>Not really my thing personally.  I think he wanted to show that even in
>an absence of music, there is a detailed soundscape, and that it
>could be considered art.
>Frankly, we used to just joke about him at the Conservatorium.  Perhaps
>that was a little unjust.
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