[ardour-users] Installation problems

Rhythm King Drums jwsmith at rhythmkingdrums.com
Sun Jul 24 09:53:42 PDT 2005

So it is a problem installing Jack. Ardour attempts to
run but says I have no JACK.

Try typing *man jackd *to see if you get a manual page, *q* to quit.

Logged in as root you type* jackd -d alsa *and see what happens.
If jack is installed you still need to start it using jackd or jackstart before starting ardour.
KDE is most likely locking up when alsa crashes because of no jack.

I would wait on buying another distro since you have one and another on the way.
Hang in there, there is a learning curve with Linux, but it is well worth learning.

I always check the /usr/doc directory for readme files and such after a install, or to see if something is already installed.

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