[ardour-users] Installing Ardour

Steve Robinson stevenjrobinson at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 22 21:36:16 PDT 2005

I am trying to install Ardour in Kanotix and it keeps
breaking my desktop.
I am using a KDE desktop which is what I prefer and is
what Kannotix comes with as by default. I have tried
installing it using your instructions and it
dismantles my desktop and leaves me with a non
functioning Gnome desktop. I have tried compiling it
myself after getting all the libraries and stuff and I
have tried using Synaptic Package Handler. Both
methods pretty much do the same thing.
I have had it running once but I never got a chance to
try it out because I restarted and lost everything. I
had to reinstall Kanotix. I'm on my third rebuild now,
I really want to try Ardour.
Does Ardour have to have a Gnome desktop or am I doing
something wrong? I am new to Linux (have been a
Microshaft user since DOS 2) so I may be doing
something dumb. I'm a musician not a programmer.
I can install a Gnome system on one of my hdd
partitions if I really have to I guess. I am waiting
for a copy of Suse to arrive but atm am using Kannotix
(Kanotix is a Knopper distro that is sorta like a hdd
version of Knoppix, kernel 2.6.11 and KDE)

Please help. I used to be a Cubase user and have had a
gutful of Microsoft. I have retired from performing
due to arthritis but can still play for short periods.
I need something like this so I can record new songs I
have written for people.

PS: I tried to enter this problem into Mantis but it
says I'm blocked.


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