[ardour-users] New to ardour jack and delta 1010lt

Mike Jewell mj405 at oneupaudio.com
Wed Jul 20 12:26:04 PDT 2005

On Tue, 2005-07-19 at 20:23 -0700, Rhythm King Drums wrote:

> Also, what is best way to get the most out of the 1010lt?
> Are there drivers?

I have that card in my box and am pretty happy with it.  But I didn't
want channels 1 and 2 to be special (for mics) so I put the jumpers in
the "down" position (line level) which seems to, in effect, turn off the
internal mic preamps.  (I use the mic preamps in my mixer.)  This way I
have more flexibility as to what I do with all 8 inputs.  (I use a XLR
to phone jack adapter on those two inputs.)

The driver for it is the "envy24control" program which should be part of
your alsa installation.  Just type that in a term window and also look
at the man page for it.  I put it in a little script like this for a
basic 2 in, 2 out setup:

envy24control -o2 -i2 -p2 -s0 &

I only wish there was some better documentation for envy24control.  For
instance, for the life of me I can't figure out what "Volume Change
Rate" is on the "Hardware Settings" tab.

Anyway, hope this helps a bit.  Hang in there...


Mike Jewell

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