[ardour-users] Ardour Tips and Tricks

Stephen Dr_Steve at aanet.com.au
Fri Jul 15 07:33:36 PDT 2005

Thanks for all you comments!! Much appreciated. I will read through them
carefully and put them into practice! The reason my audio drive is fat32
is I have a dual boot system, and some of my previous recordings, which I
still want, were done in Windows. I could repartition half the drive to
ext2 or ext3, however is there any real advantage to ext2 over fat32
(don't know much about it - I know that ext3 is a journaling filesystem).
The file system on the system drive is ext3 (default "install everything"
for Fedora core 3). I did some recording last weekend (of a friend playing
drums), using all 8 analogue inputs on my sound card. It seemed stable.
(You can listen to one of the tracks at
web.aanet.com.au/Dr_Steve/todd7.mp3 it still needs a little bit of work).
The only xruns I had were from program opening and closing (at a buffer
setting 64 I think). Probably not prepared to do a full reinstall at this
stage - I think I have talked my wife into letting me get the ram though.
I will look at tuning the hard disks this week. One thing I have noticed
with my hard drives is the system drive often seems to start churning away
at something for no reason - any thoughts what this might be (is it
something to do with ext3?)

I will endeavour to learn as many shortcuts as possible, and am certainly
not going to attempt to get VSTs working at this point in time. I don't
think I will need to use any for this recording anyway.

Wolfgang thanks for the tips about syncing. I'll have a look at that - it
seems to be very important.

Also I will definitely set up some templates. I have a Yamaha Motif 8
keyboard, which can be used as a control surface - so I will want
templates where that has been set up.

I'll probably post a couple of more questions during this week - and when
I start recording. Thanks heaps guys!!


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