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David Mulcahy eseol at tiscali.co.uk
Thu Jul 14 08:28:12 PDT 2005

On Thursday 14 July 2005 15:59, smurky wrote:
> Thomas G. Willis wrote:
> > I'm new to Ardour, I'm using xfs but I'm getting a lot of xruns
> > recently. So my question would be, what fs to use? Assuming the fs is
> > the source of my problems, which could very well not be the case, it
> > might be xorg for all I know.
> It's more than likely the fs. xfs is a journalling file system and
> you'll need to edit your /etc/fstab to mount tmp/jack as tmpfs. When I
> was using ext3fs I found that the line:
>     none  /dev/shm  tmpfs  defaults 0 0
> gave the best results. Here  is the link to the official documentation.
> Using ext2 makes things easier and faster. IMHO.
The docs are a little out of date.  If you are using a recent glibc (i think) 
or is a recent 2.6 kernel /dev/shm is mounted automatically and if you put 
that line in your fstab then there have been reports that this in fact will 
cause xruns.

Use the mount command on its own to see what files are mounted and if /dev/shm 
isnt mounted automatically then add the line to fstab.


> Jonathan.
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