[ardour-users] Ardour Tips and Tricks

Mario Torre mppr_kris at tiscali.it
Thu Jul 14 02:52:43 PDT 2005

smurky wrote:
> I'm anything but an expert, however if I were in your shoes I would get 
> the ram. Pronto. Then, unless you were planning to get more ram when you 
> installed and have enough swap space (twice the amount of ram is 
> standard), you'll need to repartition. Actually at that point I would 
> say you should reinstall unless it's unfeasible.

You really do not need to reinstall, you can find a way to rearrange 
partitions. But said that, 512 mega for a swap space (assuming he 
choosed twice the amount when he installed) are ok for 1 giga of ram, 
linux will tend to use the physical ram anyway, swap space is only for 
paging when you are in short of ram, and linux is really good in this 
job - from 2.4 kernels afaik you don't need twice the ram as swap space.

Anyway, maybe I do a repartion of the fat32 Maxtor (choose ext3). And if 
you really need a swap partition you can even have a second swap 
partition (they are cumulative).


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