[ardour-users] Newbie defeated by OSS!

Nate Monroe nate.monroe at gmail.com
Wed Jul 13 23:20:43 PDT 2005

Total newbie here, so please forgive my ignorance. But...

I am running a self-built system. The processor is a Athalon 64 FX-53. The 
Mobo is a Gigabyte GA-K8NSNXP-939 (nForce 3 chipset). The sound card
is the M-Audio
Audiophile 192. The operating system is Suse Linux 9.3, and I am using
the Gnome

As ALSA does not provide a driver for the Audiophile 192, I purchased
the 4Front
Technologies license for the professional OSS device drivers. I followed the 
"install" and "readme" notes. I was successful at getting good clean sound 
out of the 192 (the OSSTEST file played crystal clear and most of my system 
prompt sounds were present). This is as far as my success went!

I did not bother with the realtime-lsm work-around for non-root privileges. 
>From the info I read on the work-around, the user is still opening up holes 
that can be exploited by hackers. So, logging in as root, I went to 
"/usr/lib/oss/bin/", execute the command "./soundon", then pull up QJackCTL 
and hit <START>. Jack starts. However, when I pull up Ardour I am unable to 
set any connections using the QJackCTL interface <Connect> or
<Patchbay>interface (I'm assuming this must be done to enable Ardour
to work with the
Audiophile 192 ports). It is as if I had no sound card!

Side Note:
For what ever reason, starting Jack also somehow corrupts the .mozilla 
directory where my Firefox profile resides. This results in my not being 
able to open up Firefox at all. I have to delete the entire .mozilla 
directory and build a new one (error message tells me I have a

The sound mixer in use is Aumix. When ALSA is running I can see four choices 
under Aumix, <File>, <Change Device>: 
0: Realtek ALC850 rev 0 (OSS Mixer)
1: ICE1724 - multitrack (OSS Mixer)
2: Nvidia CK8S (Alsa Mixer)
3: ICEnsemble ICE1724 (Alsa Mixer)

The 192 will only work with #1 ICE1724 - multitrack. However, when ICE1724 - 
multitrack is chosen, either no controls will display or only one slider 
will apperar (synth). 

Reading some more, I figured it might be that I'm starting OSS after the 
system boots and the Gnome GUI is already up. So I go into soundconf and set 
OSS to start at boot time. However, when I did this, Ardour will only come 
up for a few seconds, then I get an error message stating that Ardour was 
too slow for Jack. Ardour then shuts down and Jack stops!

Messages I read from
ardour-users-ardour.org<http://ardour-users-ardour.org>so far, are
from people using ALSA. Is OSS a bad choice for working with
Ardour? Should I get rid of the 192 and get an RME Hammerfield (my research 
says this card IS ALSA compatible)?

>From the fretboard of,

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