[ardour-users] Re: Linux Audio Pro - Studio

jazzridenews jazzride at laposte.net
Wed Jul 13 11:44:33 PDT 2005

Paul Winkler a écrit :
> I have only used it for my own recordings in my home "studio".
> It's fantastic for that.
>>B) Can logic exchange files with ardour? I know not natively, but there 
>>is a standard file format (like aiff or waves) that support multitracks 
>>that can be used for that?
i'm not a professional musician (15 years of drums, now DDRUM + 
I make sometimes recordings with Agnula Demudi + Ardour + 
Rosegarden:since 5/6 months, and I can say Ardour is the best soft/DAW 
never had...

I can't give here names of softs I bought before under win. (sometimes 
CPU charge was 60/70% , 1 time I had 130 % CPU charge Never imagined it 
was possible... of course I stopped recordings and reboot my computer ! 
And I stopped music with computer because I couldn't work with such 
problems... And I discovered Agnula, and Ardour ! )

I replaced win2K with Linux Agnula (Now 1.2.1) and all is fine: i can 
record music and i saved my "ancient " recordings (.wave)!

PIV (2,2 céléron !)
HD 120 + 80 GO
Audio 24/96 M Audio soundcard (gonna buy 1010 rack in few months because 
RME are too expensive for me) :
connected to my Soundcraft folio rac pac
I can record 8 tracks without any pbs : CPU charge always stays under 
20%  (12/13% sometimes under 09% !!!) with Ardour ! Works perfectly. 
Good choice for recording, very sure. Sorry for my english too but i 
think everybody here understood what i mean: Ardour is (imo) one of the 
best choice for profesionnal recording; it's not a toy. I can't bear no 
more toys...

regards from france.

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