[ardour-users] Session export ?

Wolfgang Woehl tito at rumford.de
Mon Feb 21 00:13:23 PST 2005

> Yes.  The mp3 cannot be served out unless the information after the
> '?' is there to tell it which file to pull.  If you don't double
> quote, the information after the '?' is ignored and the server won't
> know which file to send you so it will send you an html error page
> instead.

Some serious server-side brain damage me thinks. I'm not trying to 
initiate a rocket starting sequence here but trying to get a file as in 
"the most trivial thing a server can do" you know?

> The intro guitar is a real guitar, but I wanted it to sound  more
> like an old sample than a fresh track.  In my first attempt, I

You succeeded. It's a bit sad that the intro hook doesn't come again 
sometime, it's so nice.

> close-miked my classical guitar with a cheap dynamic mic.  This
> sounded too much like it was bad by accident rather than design, so I
> re-recorded the track with an mxl 993 pencil condenser mic while
> sitting on the corner of the tub in my bathroom.  This gave it a
> natural small room reverb and comb effect, to which I later added
> gverb for more ambiance.

And where was Ardour at the time? Can you move your box?


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