[ardour-users] Ardour and memory

Oleg Ivanenko oai-ash at yandex.ru
Wed Feb 9 08:47:10 PST 2005

Hi all!

Firstly, sorry for my ugly english, it is'nt my native language.

I've this trouble with ardour:

1. Run ardour. top indicate that ardour use 45 mb of memory.
2. Open existing session -- ardour use 140 mb now.
   Well, all right at this time. And I happy.
3. By example begin activate xfades, moving ranges, and zooming etc.
   Just edit existing tracks, not add new.
   After 5 min ardour begin to eat memory and when it use approx. 180-200 mb   
   hard swaping beginning, and if i don't kill ardour, i'll force
   press reset button :'(.

Notes: ardour-0.9beta24, RAM 256 mb, 1.2GHz Tualatin, approx. 6 tracks, total session time 4 min,
       session have relatively many ranges, total size of sound files
       in directory sounds approx. 100 mb.

Anybody know what this? Bug, feature? Banal memory deficit?

Thanks beforehand for any answers/advices.

Truly yours, Oleg Ivanenko aka Ash
[Все это было бы смешно, когда бы не было так грустно]

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