[ardour-users] Export/import 32bit stereo broken?

Jesse Chappell jesse at essej.net
Wed Feb 9 07:27:21 PST 2005

Zachris Trolin wrote on Wed, 09-Feb-2005:

 > I tried to export a 32bit *stereo* soundfile from one project and
 > thought I could import it in another(to master it in high quality). But
 > the audio is horribly messed up, the waveform looks like both channels
 > are cut in half. 

You will want to use 32bit floating point as the export format,
as that is the ardour's native format, and no conversion will
be needed guaranteeing the highest audio quality.  How are you
exporting?  From the Session->Export menu?  Or are you trying
to save a specific region?  Each channel in a recorded stereo region in
ardour is actually a separate mono file on disk, so whatever operation
you are using appears to have a bug.  Can you describe *exactly*
the operations you used at every step?

 > Is this known, does anyone know how to work-around it? 
 > 16bit files work perfect, and mono 32bit also worked for me(import from
 > <session>/sounds dir). The only thing I missed there was some way to
 > explicitly convert two equal length monofiles/regions into one stereo
 > region.
 > Does anyone know if that is that possible?
Joining two mono regions into a stereo region is not currently
possible in ardour.


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