[ardour-users] playback and capture sample rates do not match (44100 vs. 44099)

Mark Knecht markknecht at gmail.com
Sat Feb 5 07:26:19 PST 2005

On Sat, 05 Feb 2005 00:31:38 -0800, Kevin Cosgrove <kevinc at doink.com> wrote:
> On 4 February 2005 at 20:03, Mark Knecht <markknecht at gmail.com> wrote:
> >    Please don't worry about this. It's pretty much meaningless and not
> > somethign that you can control. Alsa has no way to really know the
> > frequency that any card is working at, and fortunately it doesn't
> > matter.
> >
> >    As a test take you 5 minute song and play it in 5 CD players.
> > Measure how long it takes the song to complete...
> I'm not worried about that case.  I'm more worried about my current
> recording project.  I've got a song file from my guitar player.  I'll
> be playing drums along with that track.  His track will be at the
> play rate, and my drums will start at the record rate and then be
> played back at the play rate.  My concern is that when played back
> together, that the drums and guitar will drift apart by the end of
> the song.  The only way to know I suppose is to try it.  I've fought
> this sort of thing before, but between recording devices, not on one
> device by itself.

No, the card only has one rate. The same crystal is used for both. I
don't know where these numbers are coming from but they aren't real.
He may have recorded at 44101HZ, and you may be recording at 44099HZ,
but you'll hear his playing just a bit slower than he recorded it and
you'll tune a bit lower to be in tune, and you'll play a bit slower to
be in time, but believe me, it works out.

Same thing on tape. Record one day on a tape at one speed. Come back
the next day the tape runs a little faster or a little slower but it
all works out.

Nothing to worry about, except for why some piece of software is
giving you bogus numbers.


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