[ardour-users] Ardour & BCF2000 USB control surface

Joe Hartley jh at brainiac.com
Fri Dec 30 15:41:50 PST 2005

On Fri, 30 Dec 2005 16:15:31 -0500
Phil Frost <indigo at bitglue.com> wrote:

> On the setup I use, each set of controls on the bcf2000 (associated
> fader, knob, buttons, etc) is on a different channel, 1-8 (i think this
> is factory preset 2). An easy way to add another would be the same
> controller numbers on channels 9-16.

One of the very cool things about the BCF is that there are 4 banks of
presets that can be called up with a touch of a button.  I have channels
9-16 on bank 2, and can flip back and forth between them easily when 
I need that many controllers.

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