[ardour-users] Crossfade from song to song.

Zachris Trolin zach-tro at dsv.su.se
Fri Dec 30 04:19:50 PST 2005

Ardour also supports exporting a cd-track markers file(toc) along with
an audio file(wav), that is made for cdrdao/gcdmaster. 

Just place markers whare you want in the ardour session, make the
markers CD markers, then export and check the button that gives you a
toc file, and then open in gcdmaster...

tor 2005-12-29 klockan 12:00 -0500 skrev Brett McCoy:
> Mike Fisher wrote:
> >  Hi everybody.  I'm finishing up an album here and I have a quick 
> > question.  After the songs are individually mixed, I'm going to want to 
> > make smooth crossfades from song to song and create nice little 
> > transitions as well.  I want to do this so that when someone plays the 
> > disc there will be no breaks in between the tracks. nothing but pure 
> > audio and no silence.
> > 
> > My first instinct is to export stereo files of the songs and then import 
> > those songs into an "album" session in ardour.  Make all the crossfades 
> > and whatnot with all the songs in one session and then export that to 
> > one huge file.  Is this a bad idea, and if not how would I separate the 
> > tracks but leave the transistions from song to song in tact? 
> cdrdao/gcdmaster will let you take large audio files and break them up 
> into tracks without gaps, great for breaking up live performances or for 
> doing things like concept albums where there aren't necessarily clean 
> breaks between songs (ala Rush, Pink Floyd, Yes, etc)
> -- Brett
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