[ardour-users] some usage questions

Thomas G. Willis tom.willis at gmail.com
Thu Dec 29 06:33:33 PST 2005

In regards to drum tracks from hydrogen and  syncing. I don't have
ardour in front of me at the moment so I might be naming things

I may be doing it the long hard painful way, but here's how I do it.

set your tempo in ardour to whatever the tempo of the song needs to be.

set ardour to be the master clock

for your drum track probably a good idea to start the track with a 4
beat click so that you can fine tune the alignment in ardour later.

After you've captured your drum track, trim the beginning of the
region to the first measure(ie, erase the 4 clicks bar)

set the alignment to bars/measures or beats.

align your drum track.

doing the 4 beats at the beginning is necessary for me because my
system sucks and the latency is too much that the first half of the
the first beat is chopped and screws the alignment up.

So, if you have no problems with that, you probably don't need that step.

I'm not an expert, this is just how i've managed to do it for my songs.

Thomas G. Willis

On 12/28/05, jbs (sent by Nabble.com) <lists at nabble.com> wrote:
>  Hi Everyone,
> I'm very new to serious audio tools and ardour specifically so I appologize
> ahead of time. These are all questions I couldn't find an answer to through
> google and experimentation.
> 1) How would you go about aligning a drum track recorded from hydrogen with
> say a song sample?
> I have tried splitting the drums into new regions every bar (or more
> frequently if necessary) and then using the timefx tool to align each region
> with the song track, but this was tedious and I couldn't quite comprehend
> the timefx tool. Is there a way to stretch a region backwards while
> anchoring the end of the region? Is it possible to simultaneously stretch
> and shrink two bordering regions, i.e. stretching the one region and
> squeezing the other while keeping them flush with eachother on their border?
> 2) Is there a way to make the BBT ruler start again at 0 at ab arbitrary
> point on the timeline? What about adding a tempo change at an arbitrary
> point (NOT on a beat)? I don't see how this ruler has any use unless you can
> do these things.
> 3) For working with left and right channels of a stereo track separately
> (e.g. with plugins), is the accpeted procedure to send the output of the
> track to two separate busses for left and reight and then send those busses
> to the master input? Or is there a way to 'split' the channels in ardour
> forming two mono tracks?
> 4) Would I get a clue by reading something on ProTools or the like, or are
> these things pretty idiomatic to ardour?
> Thanks for any input.
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