[ardour-users] [linux-audio-user] vst: emulate mac intead of win?

Mike Fisher mrfisher_1 at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 27 13:18:31 PST 2005

    (I tried to send this to linux-audio-user and linux-audio-dev lists, but It says it is under review for a suspicious header.  This happens every time I try to post to L A U and I have no idea why.  The messages I've posted never have appeared on the mailing list. L A U that is.  well now L A D too.)
  What I've always wondered is... why doesn't Steinberg just support linux?  Wouldn't it be easier for us who chose to go with the penguin?  And wouldn't steinberg have an entire new market (linux folks).  
  In all honesty I have no idea what I'm talking about.  All I know is that in order to use vst plugins you have to emulate windows with WINE, or something to that nature.  
  Isn't there some way that VST's could be used without the emulation of a different OS?

  Just Wondering,

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