[ardour-users] m-audio delta lowdown

Ctirad Fertr phanatic at volny.cz
Sun Dec 18 09:57:37 PST 2005

Dne neděle 18 prosince 2005 02:28 nicholas manojlovic napsal(a):
> what about the delta 1010lt? Is it the same as the 1010 but without the
> box? 

Almost. The Delta 1010lt has worse converters and only unbalanced analog I/O.  
Anyway it's a best value for the money if you need mutliple inputs. 

> if I also got a 8 or 16 channel mixer (I need one anyway) would I 
> be able to hook them up directly?  ie, rca jacks of my mixer connected
> to rca cables on 1010lt?  

Generally speaking, yes. But I recommend you to buy a good mic preamp instead 
and mix digitally in your computer.  



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