[ardour-users] m-audio delta lowdown

nicholas manojlovic nmanojlovic at aztec.aunz.com
Sat Dec 17 17:28:47 PST 2005

whats the lowdown on the delta range of cards?

the delta 44 seems like an okay choice for my needs, but maybe a little 
limiting if I was looking to expand.

the 66 seems superfluous to my needs.
the 1010 is too expensive.

what about the delta 1010lt? Is it the same as the 1010 but without the 
box? if I also got a 8 or 16 channel mixer (I need one anyway) would I 
be able to hook them up directly?  ie, rca jacks of my mixer connected 
to rca cables on 1010lt?  or does it not work like that?

anyone got any ideas?


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