[ardour-users] midi controller assignments

Jesse Chappell jesse at essej.net
Wed Dec 14 11:42:20 PST 2005

John Anderson <ardour at semiosix.com> wrote:
>  >Anyway, I'm wondering if there's a good way to set up an entire channel
> strip to map to a channel on the bcf without individually assigning
> fader, pan, mute, solo, record each time I want to change channels?

Right now there is no easy way, you have to assign each one manually
in ardour for each track, for each session.  The best thing you can do
is to do this once for a general session and save it as a template for
future use.

We have big plans for supporting the notion of a control surface
generically (and specifically in the forms of Mackie Controls, etc)
which would make everything much easier for the user.

On 12/14/05, Thomas Vecchione <seablaede at gmail.com> wrote:
> I was looking at picking up a Korg Kaoss pad to use for a 2D surround
> sound panner, was wondering if there was a way to set up midi controls
> to control a certain aspect of a channel depending on what channel was
> selected?
> And also to build on that if it was possible to set a Midi message to
> select a specific channel then?

At the moment there is no way to do this, but the future control
surface features will provide a way to make bindings for the
"selected" channel.


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