[ardour-users] click and scratch on exporting range

lawrence iviani superlaido at gmail.com
Wed Dec 14 08:18:03 PST 2005

Hi there,
i have a problem on exporting an ardour session, after the export i listen
the 44100 PCM16 wave file and i hear some click and scratch (about one every
3/4 minutes). Obviosly these rumors aren't on the original multitrack

I export session range selecting outL e outR

The orignal session is 12 tracks
My PC is not so "strong" PIII 933MHz - 512 Mb - HD EIDE 7200rpm
During the export operation i have many peaks of 100% processor... but it
not seems in relation with the click

My ardour and jack version:
jackd 0.100.0
Ardour/GTK 0.99
   (built using 0.604.3 with libardour 0.901.2 and GCC version
3.3.320040412 (Red Hat Linux

thanks in advance for any tricks.
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