[ardour-users] Mastering a song - one jamin per track?

linuxsmiley at gmx.net linuxsmiley at gmx.net
Sat Dec 10 10:47:35 PST 2005

Hello everybody,

I have successfully recorded some songs of our band, each instrument on
its own so that I have guitar seperated from vocals, drums etc.

While mastering I stumbled on a little problem: the drums sound a bit
different to what they should but I could manage the problem with jamin.
Now I have found two of the other drums don't sound ok either and the
vocals need to have compression turned on - do I really need to start
(and connect) an instance of jamin to each track? I see that jamin has
support for different scenes - couldn't I just assign track Drum-1 to
Scene 1, Drum-2 to Scene 2 and so on?

Or maybe there's even another way to have some sort of equalizer
directly in ardour?


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