[ardour-users] An alternate representation of the mixer

. intent at netpratique.fr
Fri Dec 9 11:51:25 PST 2005

On Mercredi 07 Décembre 2005 17:07, vanDongen/Gilcher wrote:

> > I have imagined 2 solutions for this (in fact very intuitivly).
> Not quite what you propose, but have you looked at the track-bus inspector
> window?
> There are also some other similar ideas floating around about the mixer so
> keep suggesting, or if it is really concrete put it in Mantis as a feature
> request.
> cheers
> Gerard

Ah, thanks for this one, it seems that the track/bus inspector is very similar 
to what i wish indeed. 

Instead of tab, you click on track name wich is fine in fact. There are tab 
for in/out/pre/post sections instead.

I don't know how recent is this inspector window, it's the first time i 
see/use it, doh ! :)

This tool could do the job perfectly, but may be it needs some polishing.
(i guess taht the devs are not short of ideas as well)..

My first impressions :

* clicking on a track name a second time allows no route selected. Strictly 
useless (??) but not a big deal. 

* Still "hides" plugins. If you want to compare the plugins of two tracks, you 
have each time to reclick on the plugin name to see it. It would be nice if 
it remembered the last opened plugin for a track. 

* Unfortunatly it doesn't allow several plugins to be seen at the same time. I 
would appreciate the possibility to force all the plugins/insert/send to be 
displayed for either the Pre or Post fader sections.

But after all not bad, it's good to see progress like this. I will post in 
mantis as suggested if i find something that others don't before me ;)



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