[ardour-users] Ardour not fast enough (again) - part2

intent at netpratique.fr intent at netpratique.fr
Wed Aug 31 11:48:07 PDT 2005

On dimanche 28 Août 2005 16:51, audio lathe wrote:

> (Stop plugins with transport was selected -- btw)

I forgot this one, a denormal problem can occur when this option is enable 
because during the playing a track may end  while the others tracks are still 

When it happens and if the now silent track has a "faulty" plugin then you 
have a huge CPU peak. This is exactly what i got in my early playings with 
ardour. I even reported it as a bug !!! (now removed)

You can mail the plugin author as well, with your CPU model, do a :  
cat /proc/cpuinfo . The programmers seem to have a hard time completly 
preventing this problem due to the large number of CPUs and their 



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